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Character played by: Kate McKeown
Julie Farrell
Julie Farrell
Job/Career or Title Oscar Goldman's secretary
SMDM  The Midas Touch
Act of Piracy
BW  none
Reunion  none
Ms farrel

Ms. Farrell

Julie Farrell was Oscar Goldman's personal secretary, a predecessor to both Sally Johnson and Peggy Callahan, but a successor to Miss Drake.

Farrell was required to have a level 4 security clearance simply in order to work in Director Goldman's office.

Though Farrell originally held a level 4 security clearance, she was upgraded to a Level 6 due to witnessing Steve Austin’s bionic abilities while investigating Oscar Goldman’s disappearance ("The Midas Touch").


  • Farrell also "appears" in "Act of Piracy" but only her voice is heard and a different actress provides the voice.

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