Julia Flood is a native of the Dominion of Balinderry. She worked as a flight attendant for Balinderry Airlines. She met Steve Austin while working on a flight from Brussels to Balinderry.

Julia's work as a flight attendant is a cover for her activity as Commander 10, the leader so Unit 10 of the Independent Balinderry Army. As a flight attendant, Julia would have the perfect cover to travel outside of Balinderry and secure support for the I.B.A.

Her identity as Commander 10 is a closely kept secret. Commander 10 is a legendary figure among the people and within the I.B.A. Julia tells Steve that the people have composed songs about Commander 10. Sylvester Slayton betrays Julia and reveals her identity as Commander 10 to Gen. Carmichael of the Dominion Army.

After assisting Steve Austin in the rescue of Elinor Collins, Julia disappeared. She sent a letter to Steve Austin admitting that she had avoided meeting again with Austin and continuing their romance. She confessed that she would be tempted to abandon her cause in Balinderry in order to remain with Austin.

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