Character played by: Kraig Metzinger
Job/Career or Title Student, Ventura Air Force Base School
SMDM  Welcome Home, Jaime
BW  Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II)
Reunion  none

Joey is one of Jaime Sommers' students at the Ventura Air Force Base School. On the first day of class with Miss Sommers, Joey shoots a rubber band at his new teacher while her back is turned. He seems to take pride in being part of a "rough and rowdy" group of students, that is until Miss Sommers demonstrates her "gentle approach" to teaching.

At first, Joey thinks his new teacher is "spooky", however he quickly accepts her and enjoys participating in class discussions. Joey demonstrates his understanding of U. S. history by stating that "no woman signed the Declaration of Independence, because it was harder for a woman to get a good education back then."

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