Character played by: Frank Converse
Jed Kimball
SMDM  none
BW  Deadly Music
Reunion  none

Jed Kimball is a Naval Commander that supervised the deployment of the OSI's submarine detection system. He had a relationship of unknown extent with Jaime Sommers. Sometime prior to the events of Deadly Music, Jed Kimball met Jaime Sommers at a D.C. party and hit it off. They spent some time together, going to Annapolis and having dinner. When working together on the sub detection project, Kimball has trouble adjusting to Jaime's role. During the project, Sommers is the target of assassination, but she handles the situation while Kimball must wait on the surface. At the conclusion, Jed and Jaime plan another outing.


Kimball is one of several men Jaime dated in Season 3, beginning with Chris Williams.

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