J McMullan
James McMullan
Born October 13, 1936
SMDM  Paul Miller in "The Thunderbird Connection"
BW  Commander Gordon in "Kill Oscar (Part III)"
Casey in "The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming"
Reunion  none
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  • Earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Kansas in 1961.
  • Starred in the lead role as John Moore in short lived TV series sequel to "Westworld","Beyond Westworld"
  • Appeared on The Fall Guy (1983, 1984), and portrayed "Senator Andrew Dowling" in a recurring role on Dallas (1986 - 1987).
  • Played "Russell Derickson", the husband of Lindsay Wagner's "Uli Derickson" in The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story (1988).

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