Jack starkey

Jack Starkey

Played by Andy Griffith

Jack Starkey is a civilian pilot who contracts for special missions with government agencies such as OSI.  Oscar Goldman described Starkey as "the finest helicopter pilot alive."  He also admitted that this was Starkey's own evaluation of his skill.

Starkey met Oscar Goldman and Jaime Sommers at at the USAF Base in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  This is where Jaime and Starkey departed on their rescue mission into Costa Bravo to rescue U.S. Ambassador George Morehouse and his wife Judith who were trapped at the Vector 4 Depot in Costa Bravo.

When Starkey first met Jaime Sommers he was chauvanistic about taking Jaime into the conflict zone.  Starkey also demonstrated a mercenary attitude.  He boasted to Sommers that his reason for piloting the rescue mission was for the "cold, hard cash."  Starkey's arrogance and chauvanism caused him to treat Jaime with rudeness and sarcasm.

Starkey did display true talent and survival wisdom.  In addition to being a pilot and mechanic, Starkey displayed some knowledge of battlefield medicine when he treated the wounded Costa Bravan rebel with an analgesic injection.  He also spoke adequate Spanish.  Although a civilian, Starkey might have been trained at some point by the military or intelligence agencies.


The Bionic Woman

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