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Forrest Tucker as J.T. Connors

Played by Forrest Tucker

J.T. Connors, a wealthy and powerful industrialist, is head of Connors Aerospace Industries - a company which builds missiles for the U.S. Air Force. His second-in-command is Warren Rayker - a genius at micro-electronics. Connors owns a vast private estate near a 300 square mile area called M.E.W.S. (Military Early Warning Station).

  • Proud Texan heritage.
  • War Veteran. Received a flag from General Patton.
  • His son, J.T. Connors Jr. was a Vietnam veteran, decorated 8 times and killed in the line of duty after his aircraft was fired on while waiting on the runway for take-off orders. J.T. Connors Sr. is particularly bitter about his son's death, as his advice to the Air Force that the airfield was vulnerable to attack was ignored.
  • Right-wing political beliefs.
  • Has a large collection of vintage railway carriages.
  • Enjoys wearing polyester leisure suits (periwinkle blue a favorite!)
  • Has known Jaime Sommers since she was a little kid.
  • Connors was Jaime Sommers' first sponsor when she turned tennis pro. She considers him one of her oldest and dearest friends.


  • (Responding to Jaime's statement that he is politically to the right of Attila the Hun): Yeah, I don't even put out my arm when I make a left hand turn.


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