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The Night Demon - the Masau'u

To Catch the Eagle - The Eagle's Touch

To Catch the Eagle - The Eagle's Touch

To Catch the Eagle - Silver Cloud

To Catch the Eagle - Silver Cloud

  • On Cougar - In Payute, Taneha means golden demon. Cougars are evil spirits. They make themselves invisible and that's how they destroy their enemies ("Taneha").
  • On Good and Evil: First, man created the universe. The ideal state is that all parts has its power for good and evil, maintained in balance. This balance may be upset intentionally by ghosts, witches, and people who do evil, or unintentionally by persons who break some religious taboo ("The Night Demon").
  • On Masau'u, the Night Demon: The Masau'u is a Satanic figure. He protects the rest of the dead. However, once aroused, he might harm the living. Therefore, I cast thee into the lower regions, making you guardian of the dead. Thy coat is black, the color of the fear that clutches men's hearts. ("The Night Demon")
  • On Sasquatch: A creature of legend roams the timberline. Foreigners call him the Bigfoot, but the Indians name him Sasquatch, which is from the Halkomelem word sæsqʼəts ("The Secret of Bigfoot").
  • On To Catch the Eagle: Upon approval by the council, the man will endure three tests, and be allowed to enter the forbidden land. He lives there with the spirits of death, until he captures the Itza-Chu (eagle) and is given its life, or dies. The man is given no food and no water. He is forced to live by his wits ("To Catch the Eagle").
  • On White Wolf: Then said the Creator Po-shai-an-kia to the White Wolf, "You are stout of heart. Therefore I make thee master and guardian of the East, for thy coat is white and gray, the color of the dawn and the day." ("The Night Demon")

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