Character played by: Elke Sommer
Ilse martin
Ilse Martin
Job/Career or Title nuclear biochemist, secret agent
SMDM  H+2+O = Death
BW  none
Reunion  none

Ilse Martin is a double agent directly accountable to the U.S. Secretary of State. Her mission was to pose as an agent of Omega infiltrating the OSI. Even Oscar Goldman did not know the nature of her mission or her ultimate loyalty. Dr. Martin was instrumental in exposing the identity of Omega and discrediting his operations.

Dr. Martin is a nuclear biochemist who was working on the Project Fusion device. When she first met Steve Austin, he was undercover as Dr. Mark Porter, a scientist also working on a Project Fusion application.

Dr. Martin has a level 12 security clearance. When Steve Austin revealed his true identity, Dr. Martin seemed aware of the bionics project. During the mission to expose Omega, Dr. Martin assisted Steve Austin by providing him with tools to repair his damaged bionic arm.

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