Ignition Breaker is the name given by Dr. Martin Davis to a device that can disable engines and electronics.  The Ignition Breaker utilizes laser technology and fires a beam that creates an effect similar to an electormagnetic pulse. (SMDM: Nightmare in the Sky)

Known Uses of the Ignition Breaker

  • The Ignition Breaker was used twice to diable the jet engine on the XJ-7 piloted by Kelly Wood.
  • The Ignition Breaker was also used to disable the jeep being driven by Steve Austin and Kelly Wood.  That use of the Ignition Breaker also disabled the radio transmitter on the jeep.  It is unknown why the Ignition Breaker did not disrupt the radio on the XJ-7.  Possibly, the radios used different electronics.  It is also possible that the targeting of the Ignition Breaker is very precise.  Thus, Dr. Davis could choose to disable the radio or not.  In the case of the XJ-7 it would make sense that he did not target the radio so that Kelly Wood would be implicated in the theft of the aircraft.  In the case of the jeep, Davis would want to disable the radio transmitter.
  • There is no explanation as to why the Ignition Breaker did not effect Austin's bionics. The shielding that Rudy Wells added after Steve's mission into space with Kelly Wood (SMDM: The Rescue of Athena One) may have protected the bionics.  The nuclear power source for the bionics may also be immune to the effects of the Ignition Breaker.

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