SMDM NightmareSky25

Holographic Projection as seen through Steve Austin's bionic vision

The Holographic Projector is a system of devices that project three-dimensional images.  A special camera is used to video an object.  That image is then projected into three-dimensional space by two convergent laser beams. 

Although the images, or holographs, projected appear to be three-dimensional, they have no substance.  Thus they are undetectable by radar and can appear and disappear suddenly.

Known Uses of a Holographic Projector

Dr. Martin Davis used a Holographic Projector in his attempt to steal and sell the XJ-7 aircraft.  Davis and his crew projected the image of a Mitsubishi Zero in order to force the XJ-7 and a military transport plane to change course.  Davis also used the projector to create the illusion of his ghost. (SMDM: Nightmare in the Sky)

Other Laser Technology

Dr. Martin Davis is adept at the use of a Holographic Projector.  It is unknown if he is the developer of the technology.  Davis also employed laser technology in the development of a device that could disrupt engines and radio transmission.  He called this device the Ignition Breaker.

OGA agent Clark Templeton O'Flaherty acquired laser beam secrets during a clandestine mission that he referenced (The Hornby Island Laser Incident).  It is possible that Davis has illegally made use of that technology.

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