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The cover to the hardcover, 1974 Arbor House first edition
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The John Mello cover to the 1975 first paperback edition
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High Crystal was the third Martin Caidin-penned novel of both the Cyborg and Six Million Dollar Man series. Its original publication came in June 1974 by Arbor House Publishing. This was followed by a 1975 Warner paperback release.

UK paperback edition
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Martin Caidin's Cyborg series of novels
Cyborg (1972) | Operation Nuke (1973) | High Crystal (1974) | Cyborg IV (1975)
Six Million Dollar Man numbered Warner paperbacks
#1 Wine, Women and War | #2 The Solid Gold Kidnapping | #3 High Crystal | #4 PIlot Error
#5 The Rescue of Athena One | #6 Cyborg IV
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