Character played by: Laurette Spang
SotF - Helen
Helen (Wave)
Job/Career or Title WAVE
SMDM  Survival of the Fittest
BW  none
Reunion  none

Helen Machek is a Yeoman Third Class in the United States Navy. She is a passenger on flight 171 to Dulles. While en route, Helen meets Pfc Barris, and the two strike up a conversation. When Barris states that a person should be aware of their limitations, Helen replies that she's not sure what hers are yet. Surviving the plane crash, Helen volunteers to help Lt. Colby provide medical aid despite her lack of experience, and encourages Barris to exceed his limits.

Helen wave1

Aboard Flight 171


  • Helen is a WAVE, an acronym for Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency service. WAVEs enlisted in this branch of the Navy that originated during World War II, but is no longer a separate branch.
Helen wave 02

On the island

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