Character played by: Earl Holliman
Harry Donner
Job/Career or Title Air Force Intelligence officer, OSI Agent
SMDM  Wine, Women and War
BW  none
Reunion  none

Harry Donner is a character in the second Six Million Dollar Man telefilm, Wine, Women and War. Donner is a USAF officer and friend of Steve Austin's who just happens to be hanging around outside the Bionics Lab at a time when Austin is resentful for being cooped up behind security doors. Although his security clearance isn't high enough to actually enter the lab, he still gets a chance to meet with his old friend long enough to tell him about a vacation home he has in the Bahamas. This inspires Austin to go "AWOL" from the OSI lab and stay at his friend's vacation home.

Unknown to Austin, however, Donner is actually working for Oscar Goldman and pushes Austin in the direction of arms dealer Arlen Findletter, effectively making Austin continue a mission that had ended in failure (and the death of a woman) previously. Upon realizing Donner's duplicity, Austin punches him in the mouth, but then agrees to work the mission, with Donner ostensibly his superior, and alongside another OSI agent, Cynthia Holland. Donner, who feels Austin is an amateur when it comes to the spy game, conducts his own investigation into Findletter, but Austin soon points him on the right path and tasks him with warning a US submarine that its crew is in danger.

Harry Donner is one of several characters in the telefilm trilogy who appear to have been devised as "test runs" as potential supporting cast for The Six Million Dollar Man series. (Others include Jean Manners, Cynthia Holland, and Mel Bristo). Like the others, Donner never appeared in any subsequent episodes of the regular series.

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