Character played by: Alycia Gardner
Job/Career or Title Student, Ventura Air Force Base School
SMDM  Welcome Home, Jaime
BW  Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II);
Angel of Mercy;
A Thing of the Past
Reunion  none

Gwen is one of Jaime Sommers' students at the Ventura Air Force Base, and could easily be described as an outspoken young women of the 1970s.


  • (Upon meeting her new teacher, Jaime Sommers) You had to quit tennis, didn't you.
  • (Responding to fellow student Joey's statement about women not signing the Declaration of Independence due to lack of education) There'd be a lot of women signers' now-a-days.
  • (Responding to fellow student Mark's question as to why the girls can't play their own game of softball) There's only one ball, dummy.

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