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"Got to Get Loose" is the song heard at the start of Part 1 of "The Bionic Woman" as Steve Austin drives to Ojai. The song is performed by Lee Majors himself and is one of two songs performed by the actor for the episode's soundtrack (see also "Sweet Jaime").

Lyrics to "Got to get loose"

Written by: Lionel E. Siegel
Music by: Oliver Nelson
Performed by: Lee Majors
Appeared in: SMDM "The Bionic Woman" episodes

Gotta get loose, 'cause lately,
This life is leavin' me cold.
Gotta vamoose, 'cause lately,
Time flies, but all I get is old.
Got to catch some slack.
I need a quiet place.
Got to not look back because,
I need some time to waste.
I gotta vamoose, 'cause lately,
Time flies, but all I get is old.

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