Character played by: Roger Perry
The Privacy of the Mind - Dr. George Berman
George Berman
SMDM  The Privacy of the Mind
BW  none
Reunion  none

Dr. George Berman is an eminent neurophysicist. He is originally working on biocybernetic communication in 1972-74. He has developed a computer that could tune into brain waves and organize thoughts into patterns. However, he could go no further. He wraps up his previous work in biocybernetic communication, and starts anew to investigate pain control.

In "The Privacy of the Mind", Dr. Berman is invited to collaborate with Russian scientist Dr. Tamara Batalova, who has developed a device emitting a radio signal capable of homing in on brain waves.

However, the identity of the research project boss and the objectives of the project are all unknown. Oscar Goldman believes that it is too dangerous for Dr. Berman to participate, and sends Steve Austin to impersonate Dr. Berman to the research laboratory.

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