Character played by: Robert Lansing
Bionic Showdown - General McAllister as in 1989
John McAllister
SMDM  none
BW  none
Reunion  Bionic Showdown

General John McAllister is a Vietnam War veteran. Some time during the Vietnam War, McAllister orders an air strike against his own position, because it is being overrun by the Viet Cong and there is no any other way out ("Bionic Showdown").

In 1989, McAllister informs Oscar Goldman that he would like to reorganize the OSI, with new rules and new guidelines.

Later, in the face of a suspected bionic theft, McAllister would like to take over security of the World Unity Games himself, and has Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers detained for internal investigation.

Meanwhile, Jim Goldman, nephew of Oscar, is caught in a non-accidental explosion, and ends up being paralyzed apparently. Oscar requests for, and is declined, a bionic operation for Jim from McAllister. He puts up a big fight with McAllister, and resigns from the OSI in a rage.

Towards the conclusion of "Bionic Showdown", McAllister dismisses his earlier plans to reorganize the OSI, putting the future leadership of the OSI into the capable hands of Oscar again.

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