Character played by: Lawrence Dane
Bionic Showdown - General Dzerinsky
General Dzerinsky
SMDM  none
BW  none
Reunion  Bionic Showdown

Russian General Dzerinsky is famous for having had 50 Medals conferred. He has once put Steve Austin in a room about the size of a coal cellar. Steve escapes with his bionic powers.

In 1989, Oscar Goldman meets Dzerinsky, both stating that previous conflicts should give way to détente again.

Before the World Unity Games, Kate Mason is rendered bionic. She goes undercover to the games. Oscar soon discovers that the whole thing is an inside job, with Deputy CIA Director Charles Esterman leaking bionic secrets to Dzerinsky, and OSI agent Alan Devlin being the bionically rendered by enemies.

During the games, Devlin installs a bomb to the VIP box of the Russian Foreign Minister. Kate runs a bionic visual scan while running, and identifies the bomb and the detonator. Kate deactivates the detonator, while Steve dislodges the bomb. Kate defeats Devlin. Dzerinsky ends up in prison.

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