Crosby and Bing

Gary and his father, Bing Crosby.

Guest Starred as Brady

The Bionic Woman


Gary Crosby (b. June 27, 1933 - d. August 24, 1995) is best known as Bing Crosby's eldest son. He first appeared with his father in Star Spangled Rhythm (1942), and during the 1950s, the two sang several several duets. Not finding much success in a music career, Crosby turned to television and film. His credits include guest roles on Emergency! (1972, 1975) and Wonder Woman (1978). He also had recurring roles on Adam-12 (Officer Ed Wells, 1968 - 1975) and Hunter (Smitty, 1984 - 1985). In 1983, he wrote an autobiographical book entitled Going My Own Way, in which he accused his father of abuse. Crosby died of lung cancer after a long battle with addiction to both alcohol and smoking.

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