Gadis Bionik (sometimes also referred to as: Gadis Bionic) was an Indonesian re-make of the Bionic Woman tv series. It was produced and broadcast in Indonesia in 1984. Unfortunately, only little is known about that show. The female protagonist is equipped with bionic parts, obviously two new legs and arms. She also has a bionic ear and a bionic eye.

Fun Facts

  • The Indonesian version of the Bionic Woman uses a theme that is pretty similar to the one you can hear in the Six Million Dollar Man.
  • The bionic sound is different but the sound effects used for the ear and eye are just like the ones from the original American series.


  • Hamid Arief
  • Eva Arnaz (as the Bionic Woman)
  • Dorman Borisman
  • Jack John
Fighting with the bad guy
Bending a gun
Using her bionic ear

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