Flip Wilson
Born 8 December 1933
Died 25 November 1998
Birth name Clerow Wilson, Jr.
SMDM  Billy Parker in "Double Trouble"
African Prime Minister in "Double Trouble"
BW  none
Reunion  none
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Flip Wilson was a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winner, most famous for his hosting of The Flip Wilson Show from 1970-1974.

On that show, he advanced the character of "Geraldine Jones", whose antics became a part of American culture. Geraldine's most famous catchphrase, "What you see is what you get!", has even crossed into the word of computer acronyms, making a "WYSIWYG" program one that exactly shows the user what they'll get when their data is output to its final form.

He appeared on The Six Million Dollar Man in a dual role which showcased his ability to convincingly create multiple characters. At the time of his appearance, his own show had been cancelled for about three years.

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