Extra-Sensory Perception, commonly referred to as ESP or E.S.P., is a form of psychic ability.

One facet of ESP is the ability to touch objects strongly associatd with an individual and divine insight into their current whereabouts. Susan Abbott used ESP in this way to help locate her father. (Operation Firefly)

ESP can also allow a few, extraordinarily rare individuals to actively read people's thoughts within a proximity of about a mile. This distance may be increased to approximately 5 miles, given an appropriate electrical current used to stimulate the patient's brain. However, this procedure is not recommended, and may cause brain damage if the patient is overexposed to it. (The E.S.P. Spy)

The ability may have other facets unexplored by The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

The OSI and ESP

Though ESP was crucial to the success of no fewer than two OSI missions, Steve Austin and Oscar Goldman had inconsistent appreciations of the ability. In "Firefly", Oscar is quite willing to see ESP as the only hope of finding Samuel Abbott. Steve is incredulous at the suggestion. Later, in "Spy", Oscar is completely dubious of the "science", to the point that Audrey Moss' reading of his mind on the subject indicates he thinks it's all "expletive deleted". Steve, though, is considerably more open to the idea. He is inclined towards ESP because of NASA's research into the subject. He points out that people on Earth read the thoughts of astronauts on the moon.

People known to have a higher than average ESP ability

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