Essexville is a town in Massachusetts between Boston and Salem. (BW: The Ghosthunter)

Known Residents

Amanda Putnam Cory - Daughter of Dr. Alan Cory. 

Dr. Alan Cory - A scientist working for the OSI and developer of the Alpha Sensor.  Dr. Cory is the father of Amanda.  He was married to Elizabeth Putnam Cory.

Elizabeth Putnam Cory (deceased) - Elizabeth was the mother of Amanda and wife of Alan Cory.  When she was living, she demonstrated telekinetic abilities.  She is a descendent of Rebecca Putnam who was jailed in Salem after being tried for witchcraft.

Rebecca Putnam - an ancestor of Amanda and Elizabeth Cory. 

Putnam Family

The Putnam family has resided in Essexville since the Colonial Period.  Members of Putnam family have displayed telekinetic abilities.

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