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Location of Eretz (speculative)

Eretz is a fictional Middle Eastern nation.  Steve Austin is assigned to protect the prime minister of Eretz, Salka Pal-Mir.

Prime Minister Pal-Mir is involved in hopeful negotiations to resolve internal conflicts, when a heart problem disables her. (The Pal-Mir Escort).

Real World

Eretz is a Hebrew word meaning "land."  The nation of Israel is sometimes referred to as Eretz Yisrael, thus suggesting that Eretz in the world of the Six Million Dollar Man is a fictional stand-in for the real world nation of Israel.  Likewise, Salka Pal-Mir seems to be inspired by Israel's Golda Meir. 

Known Citizens of Eretz

  • Salka Pal-Mir, Prime Minister of Eretz
  • Dr. Av Ni
  • Shahvid, Chief of Security for the Prime Minister

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