Earl Bellamy (11 March 1917 — 30 November 2003) was a prolific American director. Although he also directed some films in the 1940s and 1950s — perhaps most notably serving as an award-winning[1] assistant director on From Here to Eternity — he amassed a total of over 1,600 hours of television[2] from the early 1950s to the mid-1980s.

Like Lee Majors, much of his early work was in westerns, for which he was eventually honored with the Golden Boot Award. However, he was able to follow the various trends that shaped each following decade of entertainment. He contributed significant bodies of work to shows as diverse as the original Lone Ranger television adaptation, the sitcom Bachelor Father, Get Smart, I Spy, The Mod Squad, Fantasy Island, Hart to Hart, and Trapper John, MD.

He worked only briefly for the world of Steve Austin, directing just the two episodes, "Taneha" and "Outrage in Balinderry".

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  1. IMDB awards page for From Here to Eternity, showing Bellamy to be co-winner of the 1953 Director's Guild of America Award with Fred Zinnemann
  2. Earl Bellamy's IMDB biography

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