Character played by: Kwan Hi Lim
The Lost Island - Dr. Takeuchi
Dr. Takeuchi
SMDM  The Lost Island
BW  none
Reunion  none

Dr. Takeuchi is a microbiologist or an immunologist investigating in Brigham Young University. In 1977-78, he starts working on a serum which stimulates growth of one type of white blood cells known as T-cells in order to strengthen the body's defense against attacking viruses and bacteria.

This serum might be of benefit to patients with various inborn or acquired diseases which impair the body to fight viruses and bacteria. It is said to enable the patients to be better in receiving organ grafts as well.

In "The Lost Island", half-Zanan girl Da Nay is escorted by Steve Austin to request for such sera to be brought back to her tribe of Zanans with no immune defense against microorganisms causing diseases on Earth. With the help of Dr. Rudy Wells, Dr. Takeuchi might get the opportunity to skip several years of in-vitro studies, animal trials, documentary works, and medicinal product licensing procedures in order for the sera to be delivered to the Zanans in time.

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