Dove Island

Dove Island as seen from the helicopter piloted by Steve Austin.

Dove Island is the location of Dr. Cheryl Osborne's research facility. The exact location of the island is unspecified. A supply ship using the codename "Life Line" delivers supplies and checks in on Dr. Osborne periodically.

Other than her chimpanzee companion, Billy, and various test animals, Dr. Osborne is Dove Island's sole inhabitant.

The research facility on Dove Island is where Dr. Osborne developed Psycactin-3. Dr. Rudy Wells was bitten by a primate that had received a dose of Psycactin-3. As a result, Wells developed superhuman strength and above normal intelligence. He also demonstrated the negative side effects of Psycactin-3.

(SMDM: The Most Dangerous Enemy)

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