Character played by: Kenneth O'Brien
Doomsday Is Tomorrow - Dmitri Muskov
Dmitri Muskov
SMDM  none
BW  Doomsday Is Tomorrow

Doomsday Is Tomorrow (Part II)

Reunion  none

Dmitri Muskov is a Russian secret agent and scientist. During World War II, when USSR invades Manchuria against the Japanese in August 09-20, 1945, Muskov, is nearly killed in a minefield. This scene will haunt him for many years.

In 1976, Muskov meets scientist Dr. Margueritte Perry in Paris.

In "Doomsday Is Tomorrow" and "Doomsday Is Tomorrow (Part II)", Muskov impersonates Dr. Victor Evtuhov to attend the base of Dr. Elijah Cooper who has recently created a Doomsday Device – a cobalt bomb surrounded by a new isotope known as Uthenium J which is extremely toxic to humans and will be activated by any airburst of a nuclear bomb anywhere on Earth, save underground testing and peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

Muskov assists Jaime Sommers to penetrate the compound with the aim of deactivating the device.

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