MCA DiscoVision was the early incarnation of the format that would become LaserDisc. Two episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man were released on the format, as well as the original telefilm. Below are scans of these releases. Aside from the VHS release of The Bionic Woman (episode), these represent the only release of the show (or its spinoff) to appear on Home Video in the United States.

Release Details

The label for the first telefilm includes the title variation seen in some of the marketing for the telefilm, but not in the show's own credits- Cyborg: The Six Million Dollar Man. The label on The Bionic Woman (which holds the first two-part episode with Jaime, The Bionic Woman (episode) and its conclusion), misleadingly has as its subtitle Welcome Home, Jaime, the name of the two-part episode that launched the spinoff.


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