DIck Sargent (1930-1994) is best remembered as "the second Darrin" in the classic fantasy sitcom Bewitched (according to Herbie J. Pilato's Bewitched Forever, Sargent was actually the first actor considered for the role, before Dick York was cast). In fact, he was a prolific character actor who mixed comedic with dramatic roles throughout his career, which began in the mid-1950s.

Some of the better-known films in which he appeared were Love Me Tender and Operation Petticoat, but his niche was television, and among his appearances were episodes of Lee Majors' series Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law, Love American Style, and the "A Bionic Christmas Carol" episode of The Six Million Dollar Man. He also appeared (with Eric Braeden) in the 1979 TV movie The Power Within which had a similar theme to The Six Million Dollar Man as it too was about a pilot who becomes superhuman. He also appeared as himself in a Columbo telefilm in the early 1990s.

A few years before his death from prostate cancer, Sargent made headlines when he announced that he was gay. According to Pilato, Sargent did this in response to the high rate of suicide among gay men.

Guest Starred as Bob Crandall

The Six Million Dollar Man

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