Guest Starred as Karen Stone

The Six Million Dollar Man

The Bionic Woman


Dee Timberlake began her career with minor roles in two films in the early 1970s. Up The Sandbox (1972), which starred Barbra Streisand, is also notable for featuring fellow Bionic Woman guest star Jennifer Darling. However, after being cast as a "Nurse" and "Black Girl" in the two independent films, Timberlake moved to television. She had roles in episodes of McCloud (1975), That's My Mama (1975), and Kojak (1976) before she appeared as schoolteacher Karen Stone in two episodes of The Bionic Woman.

Timberlake supplied the voice of "Astrea" for the thirteen episodes of the animated series, The Space Sentinels (1977 - 1978).[1] She also voiced the character of "Venus" in "Rickety Rocket", a segment of The Plastic Man Comedy-Adventure Hour (1979 - 1980).[2] Timberlake returned to live-action television with appearances in episodes of Dallas (1979), and Hill Street Blues (1984).

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