“Deadly Countdown (Part II)”

S5 E4

Production 47323
Original Airdate: 2 October 1977
Steve recovers from his accident
Written by
Gregory S. Dinallo
Directed by
Cliff Bole
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Jenny Agutter as Dr. Leah Russell
Philip Abbott as Dave McGrath
Mills Watson as Edgar Webster
Lloyd Bochner as Gordon Shanks
Sherry Hursey as Melissa McGrath
Martin Caidin as G. H. Beck
Larry Duran as Montez
Broadcast Order
Season 5
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"Deadly Countdown" "Bigfoot V"


Dave McGrath, mission director at the Kennedy Space Center, confesses to Steve that his daughter, Melissa, has been kidnapped, and that her captors threatened to kill her if he did not abort the mission. Steve, who was injured during the launchpad explosion, is convinced that the kidnappers will not allow Melissa to live, even though McGrath has fulfilled his part of the bargain. He sets out to find Melissa before it's too late.






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