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The Dazhavik Memorandum is a coded document that was the objective of an assignment involving OGA operative Clark Templeton O'Flaherty.  The particulars of the assignment are undocumented, but according to information that O'Flaherty related to Steve Austin, the mission required O'Flaherty to act the part of a blind beggar, leap through a flaming wall and speak Croatian. 

The information contained in the Dazhavik Memorandum is unknown at this time.  O'Flaherty did not know the code and he was unaware of, and presumably uninterested in, the contents of the memorandum.

(SMDM: Clark Templeton O'Flaherty)


  • In the Season 3 DVD subtitles, the Dazhavik Memorandum is transcribed as the "Dazhavik Milleran."

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