Character played by: Granville Van Dusen
Darwin Jones
Job/Career or Title Doctor
Spouse(s) (if any:)
SMDM  none
BW  Biofeedback
Reunion  none

Darwin Jones is a doctor working with the OSI to test the limits of the meditation techniques he learned over the span of three years in Tibet.

Jaime finds Darwin in Rudy's lab in deep shutdown, creating the appearance of death. It is revealed that he has the ability to manipulate core functions of his body to divert pain and other influences. Jaime assists Rudy in various tests of his abilities, some of which he is able to concentrate on better than others.

After his brother's research funding is cut results in the pair arguing, Darwin has trouble focusing on his meditation, and almost dies while submersed in a water tank. Despite this, he follows Jaime on a mission to Germany to recover his brother's equipment.

Jaime reluctantly accepts his help, which includes climbing an electrified fence, and running through a field of tear gas. Their efforts are slowed when Darwin is shot and seemingly killed while infiltrating the enemy's compound. His lifeless body is dumped in a nearby lake, where Darwin takes the time to heal his body.

Eventually, Darwin saves his brother from being killed, and escapes Germany with Jaime. Upon their return to the US, Darwin begins teaching his brother some calming techniques and shares a lunch date with Jaime.

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