The Dakota Complex, also known as the Dakota Test Site, was the largest US Government research facility in the central United States. Mostly underground, the area had the capacity to test both NASA and military rockets, along with an apparently wide range of other devices. Its lead scientist was Dr. Elijah Cooper.

It had a "Class 16 automatic fortification" controlled by the ALEX 7000 computer. This defense system was designed to hold back an army. It included surface-to-surface lasers, mine fields, radar jamming capabilities, and a primitive form of "internet". Indeed, one of the Alex 7000's most impressive features was a form of "internet" access, by which Alex could tie into remote computers and use their information to supplement his decision making.

It was the site of the alleged "Doomsday Weapon", which was said to have the capability to end all life on Earth. (Doomsday Is Tomorrow, Doomsday Is Tomorrow (Part II))

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