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The Moving Mountain - Leonid Brezhnev (framed picture)

The Moving Mountain - Leonid Brezhnev (framed picture at the right upper corner). The photo features General Simeon Norbukov.

  • The détente is a period of thawing out or un-freezing in roughly the middle of the Cold War.
  • 1971 - Détente becomes the foreign policy of US president Richard Nixon towards USSR.
  • 1964-1982 - Leonid Brezhnev is in office as the Head of the USSR. Brezhnev pushes for détente at the helm of the USSR.
  • May 1972 - Strategic Arms Limitation Talks I (SALT I) is signed.
  • Nov 1973 - US international negotiator William Henry Cameron is taking a negotiating trip to Peking ("The Solid Gold Kidnapping").
  • Jan 1974 - Oscar Goldman engages himself in direct conversation with the Russians. However, some parties would not like such talks to proceed, and plan to murder Oscar ("Survival of the Fittest").
  • Mar 01, 1974 - Soviet Col. Vasily Zhukov proposes a joint US-USSR nuclear powered manned mission to Mars ("Doomsday, and Counting", see above).
  • Aug 1975 - The Helsinki Accords are signed.
The Moving Mountain - Major Andrea Mestrova

The Moving Mountain - Major Andrea Mestrova

Bionic Showdown - General Dzerinsky and Oscar

Bionic Showdown - General Dzerinsky and Oscar

  • Feb 1976 - As a gesture of promoting friendship and trust, a Soviet troupe tours the US. The star of the troupe is gymnast Tanya Breski. Steve Austin protects her during her stay in the US ("Love Song for Tanya").
  • Jan 1978 - Oscar and Russian diplomat Dmitri Zhukov (upon consulting his party and his government) agree to take the same stance in negotiating between two Middle East powers ("The Antidote").
  • Feb 1978 - An exhibition of Russian masterpieces of fine art is taking place at the National Gallery in Washington, for cultural exchange and much more. The news goes: In an unprecedented expression of openness and trust, [the USSR] has given new meaning to the concept of Détente by allowing viewers an intimate look at [her] people, traditions, mind and heart ("The Madonna Caper").
  • Oscar Goldman states that If we don't get that painting, we might be back in a Cold War..., indicating a quite notable state of détente then ("The Madonna Caper").
  • Mar 1978 - General Simeon Norbukov and Oscar Goldman team up their agents Andrea Mestrova and Steve Austin in tracing a mobile launcher developed by the USSR and missiles developed by the US from a terrorist group ("The Moving Mountain").
  • Dec 24, 1979 - The Soviet war in Afghanistan starts. The détente ends.
  • 1989 - Oscar meets Russian General Dzerinsky, and both believe that previous conflicts should give way to détente again ("Bionic Showdown").

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