Character played by: Michele Carey
Cythia Holland
Job/Career or Title OSI Agent
SMDM  Wine, Women and War
BW  none
Reunion  none

Cynthia Holland - "My friends call me Cyn… no cracks" - is an OSI agent working with Harry Donner in Paradise Cay, Bahamas. When Steve is tricked by Harry to go to the Bahamas, Cynthia is on the scene, trying to make sure Steve collides with the Russians, to distract them while Harry makes an attempt to get Arlen Findletter's arms catalogue.

Cyn reveals to Steve that Findletter is the man who killed Tamara. Steve learns that Oscar could have used her death to motivate him, but didn't. "Maybe I've found his limit after all." Steve says, remembering his argument with Rudy. As Steve leaves to go after Findletter, Cyn raises her arms in triumph.

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