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Convict volunteers as test subject for experimental Adrenalizine compound in the Drug Testing Ward of the prison hospital.

This convict was a volunteer subject in the Drug Testing Ward of the prison hospital where new drug compounds are tested on volunteer convicts. Due to a great shortage of physicians, Dr. Courtney, a fellow convict, began working in the ward.

Doctor Courtney was given a supply of adrenalizine, a new plastic-based drug developed by Dr. Rudy Wells at OSI, and asked to administer it to paralytic patients. One month prior to volunteering as a test subject, the convict had fallen, resulting in complete paralysis from the waist down.

Hoping for a medical breakthrough, the adrenalizine compound was dissolved under the convict's tongue, and a rapid recovery took place. Within 15 seconds of sampling the adrenalizine, the convict could lift his leg; within 30 seconds, he could walk again. Incredibly, the adrenalizine formula was able to seek out the local area of paralysis and correct it completely.


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