Jerry Douglas as Connors


Connors contacts his offshore conspirators by radio transmitter

[M==Played by Jerry Douglas== Connors and his associate Reed are two contracted killers working for someone they call "Bobbie". They follow Dr. Rudy Wells onto a plane flying from Manus, Brazil with the intentions of killing the Doctor, and then bailing out. Unfortunately for them, their plans are momentarily curtailed by a storm forcing the plane to crashland on an island.  However, after learning that help will be late in coming, they try to kill Rudy first by trying to set him up to be bitten by a poisonous snake, then when he and Jaime isolate themselves from the rest of the flight, they succeed in drawing him out long enough to shoot him.  They only succeed in critically wounding him, and when Reed is put out of the way after being bit by a snake, Connor and "Bobbie" (who turns out to be Mrs. Griffith) try to kill Rudy on their own, only to be foiled by Jaime and captured by the authorities when they arrive.


The Bionic Woman

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