Da 1

Played by Barbara Rush

Chris Stuart was recruited by the United States government as a double for undercover agent Ann Sommers. Chris resembled Ann enough to be her sister that with a little plastic surgery, became her exact double.

Jaime had caught Chris at the cemetary laying yellow roses at the graves of Ann and James Sommers. Knowing she'd been caught, Chris begged Jaime to let her go; she claimed she hadn't intended for anyone to see her.

Jaime was suprised when Chris was familiar with the old Hansen place. Ann caught her daughter as a child hanging from the raft. She wondered if all parents thought their children were suicidal.

Jaime took Chris back to the Elgins home. Upon seeing the woman who looked like Ann Sommers, Helen couldn't believe her eyes. Chris recognized Helen's decor. She recalled telling her once that she really needed to replace the furniture. Helen remembered telling her to mind her own business. Chris was surprised that Helen had saved Jaime's first tennis racquet. Out of frustration, Jaime had broken the back of one of the dining room chairs. This caught Chris by surprise.

Chris attended Jaime's high school graduation as well as her first tennis tournament; she took the center court match 6-0, 6-0


The Bionic Woman

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