A cerebral control implant, often referred to simply as "an implant," is a small electronic device implanted into the brain of an individual in order to control that person's behavior.  The implant receives impulses transmitted by an Implant ATP Programmer.  The technology for the implant was developed by Soviet researchers. 

Dr. Barto used such an implant on comedian Billy Parker without Parker's consent or knowledge.  Barto was able to send programming to Parker's brain that forced him to perform ridiculous actions, including clucking like a chicken and attempting to eat his shoe.  Barto was also able to program Parker to recite a speech.  He intended to use Parker, due to his resemblance to the Prime Minister of Vorzana, in a scheme to keep Vorzana involved in the Soviet bloc of nations. (SMDM: Double Trouble)

Implant Detector

Fearing that other individuals could be controlled by use of an implant, Dr. Rudy Wells created an implant detector.  The appearance, properties, and mechanics of this device are unknown.

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