Broken Fork

Broken Fork, Utah

Broken Fork, Utah is a town close to where Steve Austin crashed his second NASA-bannered aircraft in as many years.

The crash left him amnesiac, but he was taken in by the semi-permanent resident, Dr. Angie Walker. She ran a somewhat experimental clinic for depressed patients on the outskirts of town. The "clinic" was in reality a two-story house about six miles from the city center, in which patients were encouraged to live normal lives. Most of the town's residents were opposed to the clinic, as they feared its residents' mental instabilities.

After Oscar "rescued" Steve from the town, it appeared as though the townsfolk were moving towards acceptance of the clinic's goals and residents. (Stranger in Broken Fork)

Known residents


  • The town is fictional. However, it could be based on either American Fork or Spanish Fork, Utah.

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