Character played by: Ned Romero
Divided Loyalty - Boris as in 1975
SMDM  Divided Loyalty
BW  none
Reunion  none

Boris is a World War II veteran. In 1944, USSR regains all of its territorial losses, and invades Germany and its allies. It is likely that Boris fights against Germany then.

In 1960, Dr. Leon Jackson, a US scientist in solar energy, defects to the Russians and marries a Russian scientist. Mrs. Jackson soon dies after giving birth to her only son Alex. Boris later becomes a good friend and personal tutor of the teenager Alex.

When Steve Austin assists Dr. Leon Jackson and Alex to return to the US, Boris catches the trio while Steve is crossing a gorge. Boris has an opportunity to shoot down Austin, thereby stopping the return effort. Out of friendship to Alex. Boris elects not to shoot and let them flee.

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