• Maskatron

    TV Movies

    September 26, 2014 by Maskatron

    I am almost through with my run of five seasons of SMDM.  Wondering if the reunion movies are available on DVD outside of the Time-Life set yet?

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  • DarwinJones


    March 23, 2014 by DarwinJones

    I remember Bionix being mentioned i previews catalogs in 1996...It would've been a 3 issue miniseries by Rob Liefeld....From what I remember...

    Steve and Jaime return after a 15-year disappearance and the robotic Sasquatch was involved..

    Bionix is now part of a military program...

    Rudy Wells is on the run and Oscar was forced into retirement...

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  • DarwinJones

    No Cozi

    December 2, 2013 by DarwinJones

    Unfortuately, Cozi isn't available here....BTW, did you know that in the BW episode "Doomsday is Tomorrow" it mentions how a Middle East country testing a nuke started the ball rolling..???   So far in 2013 only israel has nukes...

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  • DarwinJones

    SMDM:Season 6

    October 20, 2013 by DarwinJones

    Anybody else ready for SMDM:Season 6 coming from Dynamite in feb. 2014???

    I have Directv and my package includes the COmcastNBCUniversal channels, Chiller and cloo...Since they aren't showing either SMDM or BW on Syfy (since Ghost ____ and wrestling), they could show them on cloo, but instead they showed American Pie (which I didn't know was a cop show or had a mystery that needed solving)...

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  • Producer dean romano

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  • CheerleaderPlus

    I remeber reading Previews catalog from late 1996 which had solictations for the Bionix comic book...What info I remeber was the following:

    It would've been a 3-issue miniseries

    The plot centered around how the Bionix program became a malevalent part of the military and that Oscar Goldman was forced into retirement...Steve and Jaime return after a 15-year disappearence and their time away had something to do with the robotic Sasquatch. Whenthe miltary finds out about Steve and Jaime well that's when it hits the fan...

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  • Major Sloan


    November 11, 2009 by Major Sloan

    Major Sloan has taken on a few tasks here at the wiki, here you'll find an overview.

    These are some articles that I put up. They remain similar to the original form as of this writing; a trip to history pages can reveal to what extent.

    • Credits I'm developing tables to cover the credits of the shows completely. A journey of 1,000 miles…
    • Home Video Releases A sore subject for bionic fans, find the bad news here. I also created the category for it - this grew out of the DiscoVision releases getting attention and talk, yet there was no overview of the larger issue.
    • Lifting Body - an article on the type of aircraft in which Steve Austin has his accident. There's a lot of mustard to cut through on this topic, and this article is the knife. There are…

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  • PaulKBisson

    Happy Independence Day! Kick back, throw a burger on the grill and treat yourself to a fine season three episode of The Six Million Dollar Man, "The Price of Liberty."

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  • PaulKBisson

    Wikia has introduced a blogging feature. It comes as part of a new user page masthead into which you can upload a personalized avatar. Read about them here. At the Bionic Wiki, we understand that an "encyclopedia that anyone can edit" is a collective philosophy that has a downside: it can be overwhelming and some might even feel diminished by it. But we've long encouraged users to customize their own pages, to have fun with them, injecting their own brand of individuality. Wikia's new blog feature lends itself to this ideal. What do you think? Why not blog about it?  :Þ As always, if anyone has any problems, let the admins know.

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