Bionic Woman: Great Adventures is the title of a children's story record released by Wonderland Records (WLP 308) in 1976. Based upon The Bionic Woman TV series, and featuring a cover photo of Lindsay Wagner designed to be cut out from the record sleeve like a mini-poster, the record features none of the television series music, special effects or actors, with an uncredited cast of voice actors playing the parts of Jaime Sommers, Oscar Goldman and others. Unlike The Six Million Dollar Man, which was featured in a series of audio drama releases such as this, Great Adventures is the only known such release to feature Jaime Sommers (although her name is mentioned in one of the Six Million Dollar Man releases).

Produced by Tom Cipolla and Bob Goemann, the 12-inch 33rpm record features three stories, each lasting approximately 9-10 minutes:

  1. The Prisoner of Arak
  2. The Mask of Tamburo
  3. Wings of Death

Unlike the Six Million Dollar Man series, there are no known illustrated, read-along versions of these stories, nor have they (to date) been reissued in any form.

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