The Bionic Transport and Repair Station was the best known playset issued as part of Kenner Toys' The Six Million Dollar Man line. It was issued at the same time as the Steve Austin action figure to launch the line.

The playset consisted of two forms. When closed down, it resembled a rocket ship, within which the Austin doll could be placed, his head visible through a window. When opened, the rocketship transforms into a bionic repair facility, with tubes that could be plugged into the bionic modules contained within the Austin doll. Among the features of the repair station were several glow-in-the-dark dials that simulated X-ray images of Austin (and, to a degree, some of the images from the opening sequence of the TV show).

The TV commercials for this set did a bit of retconning on the origin of Steve Austin, suggesting that his injuries were the result of the rocket ship crashing.