Character played by: Flip Wilson
Double-Trouble - Billy Parker
Billy Parker
SMDM  Double Trouble
BW  none
Reunion  none

Billy Parker is a comedian performing in clubs for a living. He looks like the prime minister of the Republic of Vorzana in Africa. The prime minister is scheduled to make a speech at the U.N. announcing Vorzana's affiliation with the western capitalist countries.

A Dr. Barto in New York City has developed a tiny brain implant which could control a man's behavior. The recipient will not be aware of the implant. Barto frequents the nightclub, and manages to convince Parker that he has a growth on his neck which has to be surgically removed. The operation is done and Barto implants the control device.

Now that Billy Parker is under the control of agents opposed to Vorzana's intended affiliation with the West, the plan is to use Billy as a double of the Prime Minister of Vorzana, and force him to make a politically disastrous speech in the General Assembly of the UN.

Steve Austin is assigned to protect Billy and to assure the planned delivery of the pro-Western speech by the prime minister.

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