Played by Simone Griffeth


The Six Million Dollar Man

Bess Fowler is a analytical chemist with high affinity to Steve Austin. She is recruited by Dr. Charles Leith to join a team supposed to land on an asteroid. Dr. Leith lands on the Moon instead, not informing Houston.

The expedition and the incurring explosions on the Moon deviate the Moon from its original orbit. Worldwide weather changes are soon noted, and Steves takes off to the Moon to investigate.

Soon after landing on the Moon, Steve is captured by Dr. Leith. Steve is later immobilized onto a cold rod, which deactivates his bionics.

Prior to such, Steve has already hinted to Bess Fowler that solar energy can be reflected by a mirror to thaw the rod, which Bess then executes and frees Steve. With the remote assistance of Dr. Rudy Wells, Steve finally utilizes a shaped blast to direct the Moon back to its original orbit.

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