Character played by: Farley Granger
Bert Carrington
SMDM  The Midas Touch
BW  none
Reunion  none

Bert Carrington is a college friend and subsequent working colleague of Oscar Goldman.

In 1944-45, Oscar is in college. He befriends Carrington. Carrington later believes that he himself is better than Oscar in just about everything – he is better in school, in sports, with women, except when it [comes] to money.

In "The Midas Touch", Oscar suddenly disappears. Steve Austin sets off to rescue him. A lead brings Steve to an office at Parker Street which seems to be used by Oscar secretly. Doubts are soon casted on Oscar who has apparently been shifting gold from a government mine to his own disposal.

It is, however, Carrington, who is the culprit behind the organised crime. In 1974, Carrington then working in the Mining and Research Division, investigates lithanium as a prospective source of energy. He glues his eyes on a mine known as the Bull Frog Mine in Nevada has not been actively worked on since 1954. He hires a group of miners to begin his plan to get the lithanium and escape out of the US.

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